Bridgemate Play

Features and benefits


A true hybrid solution

Online and face-to-face finally come together

Bridgemate Play adds a fully integrated online playing area to your club. The online game is directly linked to the face-to-face game
and the combined club game is simultaneously played at the club and online.



Play from any location

Join your club game wherever you are

Bridgemate Play enables you to take part in your club game regardless of your location. Whether you are at home, away on vacation,
or anywhere not near the club, all you need is a computer or tablet and a connection to the internet.



Play as one club

Share board results and rankings in one list

  Enjoy seamless integration with your offline club game. Scores are instantly shared both online and offline.  The overall rankings list, which is scored across the field, is continuously updated and contains both online and offline pairs. Online board results are displayed on the Bridgemates in the club and face-to-face board results are displayed within the online game.


Packed with features

A feature-rich platform for playing bridge

Fully fledged playing platform that supports everything you'd expect.

Easy bidding process

Bidding cards are presented in a familiar way using the
traditional bidding box layout. Select your bid with a single click or
touch, and confirm with a second click or touch.
Self-alerts are possible.


Detailed or simplified layout

The spacious playing area allow various formats of card display. Your
cards can be displayed as a fan or horizontally aligned. The playing area is automatically resized based on your screen resolution, with built-in safeguards against misclicks on smaller screens.


Chat box

A sleek well-structured chat box allows both public and private chats.
Private chats are possible with the director or opponents during play.
At the end of a round, private chat with your partner is possible.


Results and rankings

Results and rankings are instantly available with a single touch or
mouse click. Both are integrated in real time and synchronised
with the face-to-face sections at the club.



Choose your favourite device

Play on any device connected to the internet

Bridgemate Play offers a very easy-to-use web interface that runs on almost any internet-enabled device. No download needed.
Start your internet browser and log in at the Bridgemate Play website to join your club game.



Connect with your phone

Follow your results in the Bridgemate app

Bridgemate Play and the Bridgemate app are tightly integrated with each other. All the data of the
hybrid game is instantly available in your Bridgemate app. You can use your Bridgemate account
to log into both Bridgemate Play and the Bridgemate app.

Use tablets only

Transform into a digital club

Bridgemate Play also enables you to create a fully digital club without cards and bidding boxes, but with players still gathering in person. As the location of the players is irrelevant for Bridgemate Play, they can also be located at the club. Players sit with their partner and opponents at the same table and enjoy the usual table interaction, but use tablets to play the game. Of course, online players can also participate from any location elsewhere, creating
one big hybrid game.


  For clubs and TDs

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